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What’s Holding Child Care Centers Back from Parents? The waitlists for Child Care Centers in PA are often three years or more long and begin before a child is even born. Over the span of a year, this UX research project sought to better understand the Child Care space and barriers toward optimal parental contact.


Better facilitate the Child Care hunt in Pittsburgh, PA and beyond.

Over the course of a year, use interviews, observations and surveys to identify major pain points of child care centers and parents when searching for optimal child care.


This project began and ended in very different places. Our hypothesis was that child care centers did not want to spend valuable time in the day talking with parents—but ultimately, we discovered that the overhead of work required to stay NAEYC and PAEYC certified was keeping directors from doing what they loved most (spending time with children and forming better relationships with their teachers and parents). As such, the problem statement’s solution is actually to tackle the accreditation process.

Outcomes and Takeaways

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Role: Researcher


Attributions: Jean Marie Sloat

Team Size: 2


Project Length: 1 year